New BIOSEC Fellows join network

Teresa Lappe-Osthege, Dr Esther Marijnen and Dr Brock Bersaglio join our wider network of researchers with an interest in conflict, security and environmental issues.

We are pleased to announce that three new BIOSEC fellows have joined our research network. Teresa Lappe-Osthege, Dr Esther Marijnen and Dr Brock Bersaglio are all based at the University of Sheffield and bring expertise in environmental peacebuilding, conflict studies and political ecology respectively.

 Teresa will be formally joining the project from 1st September 2017 as a Research Associate. She will lead on a mini-project examining the illegal bird trade in the Western Balkans and exploring how this affects political stability in the region and security in the EU. The project is a natural continuation of her PhD research, which she started in October 2014 at the Department of Politics after she was awarded the university’s Harry Worthington Scholarship. Within the framework of her PhD, Teresa explores the relationship between sustainable development and environmental peacebuilding, using the European Union’s peacebuilding policies in Kosovo as a case study.


Esther is a Max Batley Postdoctoral Fellow at the Sheffield Institute for International Development (SIID).  Her research explores the intersection of conflict studies and political ecology, with a specific focus on Central Africa. During her post-doctoral fellowship in Sheffield, she is conducting research on how multiple rebel groups operating in or around protected areas in the East DRC govern nature.





Brock is a Research Associate in the Department of Geography. His work contributes to debates in rural geography, critical development studies, and political ecology/economy, focusing on eastern and southern Africa. His research considers political-economic, socio-cultural, and ecological factors that drive land and resource struggles in the context of environmental conservation and natural resource-based development.



We are pleased to welcome both Esther and Brock to our wider BIOSEC research fellowship, and look forward to Teresa joining the team in September.

If you would like to find out more about our new fellows or contact them about their research, you can view their profiles over on our team page.