REVIEW | The Sisyphean task of addressing carbon emissions through forest conservation: reflections from a REDD+ workshop

Can forests save the world from the climate crisis? The only thing that we can be certain of is that REDD+ faces a difficult future, say Adeniyi Asiyanbi and Emmanuel Nuesiri.

EVENT | 2018 Symposium on Illegal Wildlife Trade, 9-10 October, London

SAVE THE DATE! The 2018 Symposium on the Illegal Wildlife Trade takes place in Central London on 9th & 10th October, in partnership with OMP-IWT, BIOSEC, DICE Kent and the Lancaster Environmental Centre.

REVIEW | ‘If it flies, it dies.’ Reflections on the 3rd Adriatic Flyway Conference

Teresa Lappe-Osthege reveals the shocking extent of bird crime in the Western Balkans, arguing that amongst other factors, activities of EU citizens and the weak regulatory powers of EU institutions play a crucial role in driving bird crime in the region.