Dr Francis Massé

Francis Massé joined the BIOSEC project as a post-doctoral researcher in January 2018. He joins the team from the Department of Geography at York University in Toronto, Canada, where he earned his PhD. Francis uses an ethnographic approach to examine the political-ecological dynamics and implications of conservation security, law enforcement, and anti-poaching efforts in response to commercial rhino and elephant poaching in Mozambique and South Africa.

Francis leads BIOSEC Work Package Four: Sourcing wildlife: environmental crime, security and biodiversity protection in which he continues to examine the policing and security responses to wildlife crime and the illegal wildlife trade. He combines his long-standing focus on protected areas with new research that seeks to understand the broader enforcement chain that is developing to address the illegal wildlife trade. He is particularly interested in how the implications of more enforcement-oriented approaches materialise at and across various scales from the level of the protected area, to legal systems, and global patterns of biodiversity-related donor funding.

Research Gate profile: Research Gate

Twitter: @GeoFrancisMasse