Teresa Lappe-Osthege

Teresa joins the BIOSEC project as Research Associate. She leads a mini-project researching the illegal bird trade in the Western Balkans, exploring how it affects political stability in the region and security in the EU. By combining insights from environmental security with political ecology and new institutionalism, Teresa will aim to generate much-needed empirical data on a lucrative branch of the illegal wildlife trade with established links inside the EU itself.

This project is a natural continuation of her PhD research, which she started in October 2014 at the Department of Politics after she was awarded the University’s Harry Worthington Scholarship. Within the framework of her PhD, Teresa explores the relationship between sustainable development and environmental peacebuilding, using the European Union’s peacebuilding policies in Kosovo as a case study.

Teresa is also a Visiting Fellow at the Marjan Centre for the Study of Conservation and Conflict at King’s College London, where she completed an MA in Conflict, Security and Development. She also holds a BA in European Studies from Maastricht University (NL).